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Africanized Bees are more common in the Texas Hill Country than You might think!

Native Honey Bees or “Killer Bees”?

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Crazy Weather

How about these relentless cold fronts? Every time it seems we’ll be moving into our very brief Central Texas Springtime, and then right on into the Heat of the Hill Country Summer we get blasted by yet another Northern. In … Continue reading

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First Blog

Hello World, After every hurtle imaginable, Pickett’s Pest Control is here to stay! Our goal is to offer the community all facets of Pest Control at an affordable price. With same day service, and free estimates, why wouldn’t you call? … Continue reading

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It glows like an Alien… but it’s not!

Not an alien!!! This is a striped barked scorpion, very common to Texas. All scorpions illuminate this way under a black light. No one is sure if this trait serves any purpose for the scorpion but it is pretty cool!

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Did You Know… Termites

90% of termite calls are received in the first couple months of the warm season every year, when the winged “reproductive” termites emerge to go and start they’re own new colony. It’s usually right after a refreshing spring rain that … Continue reading

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What do you know about scorpions? Fast Fact!  Scorpions like snug and tight spaces.  Check your shoes before putting them on!

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