Crazy Weather

How about these relentless cold fronts? Every time it seems we’ll be moving into our very brief Central Texas Springtime, and then right on into the Heat of the Hill Country Summer we get blasted by yet another Northern. In the realm of Pest Control these strange weather patterns equal some confused bugs, and possibly some confused Pest Control Customers. Well folks as the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, the same rings very true for pest control. The critters are doing the same things that we are in these crazy weather patterns.  When the sun is out, so are we, and just like the bugs when the weather deteriorates, we seek the comforts of home.  This should not mean out of sight out of mind.  Now is the time for preventative measures, instead of waiting till the rascals show up in full force to complicate your life and your pocket book! Call today (830)-660-1928 for same day service and free estimates.  Or email Visit our website at
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